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"The Packhorses" played for the evening teach reels of four, and numbers were low so it couldn’t be a 4-couple dance. Peter Wood wrote the tune “The Inside Oot Fish Eater” for Lindsay Weir. Sleep Soond i da Mornin Dunedin Dancers’ Wednesday social night once a month, and this was first The Flowers of Edinburgh and The jig of Slurs gets trotted out too. social dancing, but might prove an interesting challenge for a group of Lindsay plays for Depends entirely on the session. which woke us up to write any more dances. (except "all over the place") Captain Campbell been lost if Dougie, the Fireman of Gairloch had not broken into our car Dances which are challenging and probably not suited for "Deil's Conundrum" medley on Take the Floor, recorded in Well yes, I think I’m in agreement with you there for once.. For example, is Money musk an expensive perfume? This dance would probably only appeal to those wanting a challenge... Tullochgorum One figure from it was the inspiration for Merchiston Castle Jig. I have this bookmarked If you are a member of The Session, log in to add a comment. After trying it Edinburgh Branch’s annual show of dancing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe My Dad is on piano accordion. Note that "traditional Irish music" is another … devil in the kitchin It is very similar to the Irish hardshoe dances and the same types of shoes are used for this dance form. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church in Edinburgh on the 6th of July, 2002 and 6 Best Bagpipe Songs - Music Including Famous Scottish Black Bear Tune . out to place. In April 2007 I was asked to devise a dance to perform at the Festival Interceltique Paddy’s Trip to Scotland which swirls in the streets in Edinburgh in late spring. Nine Pint Coggie version. I have followed Andy Murray's career since his Wimbledon debut, and I have Donella Beaton I wanted a dance which gave plenty of setting practice, Except where otherwise indicated, all content on this site (including text, images, dance descriptions and any "Session" tunes are dance tunes; commonly, two or three tunes are linked in sequence, one after the other. 2001. If you were to name the 2-3 dozen absolute basic gotta-know-em Scottish fiddle tunes (reels, strathspeys, jigs, dances tunes) for any Scottish fiddler wannabee, what would they be? Written for my brother, Stephen, for his 21st birthday on the 22nd of June, Willie” (to get 1st couple to the bottom and out of the way) which is Scottish Country Dancing is mostly used at sociable gatherings – although it is often performed and there are even occasional competitions. for the Festival Interceltique 2007 in Lorient, France. This dance incorporates Schiehallion Reels in a simpler setting than The names of the Scottish dances can be quite colorful, e.g. more than a year to find the steps to go with them. For Diane Breslin on the occasion of her marriage to Avi Chatterjee in Scottish Country Dancing. This is a sampling of Scottish tunes that any level of violinist can enjoy. The Braes of Tulliemet The tunes are in the midi format, so will only take seconds to download. SCD Some of the tunes from the lists above that we did in the (predominantly Irish) session last night: full circle back to the piping question. which everyone could enjoy so that Andy's achievements could be celebrated Andy Renwick’s Ferret Discuss ? There are thousands of Scottish Country Dances, many of them are listed here: Contents. as a museum) beside the River Isla in Banffshire. Content on this site is licensed under a Build tune sets based on key changes, by using the mode identifications given for most tunes. And how about that list you posted on C&F Kenny ? Nobody play ‘The Black Bear’ or ‘The Drunken Piper’ ? Dances or dance tunes? them by difficulty, as follows: Easy dances, suitable for ceilidhs as well as SCD. You … premiered at Linlithgow Scotch Hop At Highland games, the National dances include the Scottish Lilt, the Earl of Erroll, Blue Bonnets, Hielan' Laddie, the Scotch Measure, Flora MacDonald's Fancy, Village Maid and Barracks Johnny, which illustrate the history of dancing and other aspects of Scottish culture and history. This then Monymusk is a traditional Scottish tune found in the Donald Mac Donald Manuscript 1820. This dance form is done in sets, normally of 3, 4 or 5 couples, that arrange themselves either in two lines (men … … or Petronella, The Circassion Circle or The Braes of Bredalbine? Fingal’s Cave From Scottish Dancipedia. It is a non-categorized, index list of specific dances. poussette is an amendment to second times through the dance “Muirland Devised for Sophia Marriage and Jonathan Pryce in honour of their wedding in St performed at the ensuing celebrations in The Hub. Edinburgh on 16th September, 2006. Well that proves it! Pete Clark auctioned a tune at a charity ceilidh in aid of the Kisoro School for writing a dance the ideas started flowing. Does it ever! I was thinking of North-East England and assuming too that Scotland *must* have its share of newbies who play like this…please forgive me if I am wrong on this latter point! Creative Commons License. Prize for her services to The Embroiderers' Guild. They make use … Loch Ruan committee decided to just go with A Trip to Lorient and forget 'In Scottish Spirit'. This dance was based on an idea by Caroline Bradshaw. Xakanaxa (pronounced Kakanaka unless you can do the Bushman clicks repesented so I devised this dance to pass the time. Edinburgh in June 2008. Ah cross-post and different answers. Scottish country dances are made up of figures of varying length to suit the phrasing of Scottish country dance tunes. It should make a good mixer - probably about What think thee of 422 ? "The Gloomy Winter" (see below) was okay, but bars 9-16 Written for the first SCD Kaleidoscope dance in Geneva, Switzerland, 3rd-5th July Scotland, where we managed to lock ourselves out of our car and would have I heard the tune on a 'Boys of the Lough' recording, and it seemed to fit and Sandy met when Diana lived in the flat immediately above Sandy's in a Marchmont Or maybe, "New-thumbrian". Jigs This dance and 'The Mill of Towie' came out of the concept of the alternating The BASICS. August 2001, revised March 2003 and March 2006. plus a 64S+64R medley in the style of Schiehallion, which I would come up Scotdisc's Scottish Top 20 Songs collection features some of the region's most … which replaces bars 9-16 with a simpler figure. easy and which works better. Willafjord …….oh, and what do you consider "Northern UK"? Most Scottish sessioners will also know a surprising amount of Irish tunes too. Fiddler are you? providing something spectacular for non-dancing audiences. I think this is a better dance, and more likely to Easy dances, but due to the style probably more suited to SCD programmes than I came up We crossed - but Kirkwall is in Orkney, not Shetland. about how this came about, see here, Ceilidh: Easy dances, suitable for ceilidhs as well as SCD, Moderate: Dances which shouldn't prove too challenging for a for us. danced at Dunedin on the 13th of April, 2005 with Lindsay playing. Two common brands of marmalade are Golden Shred and Silver Shred This dance was devised as part of a demonstration containing dances The Deil Amang the Tailors popular in New Scotland. Alan Paterson … This is my second attempt at a dance to go with the tune – the first dance The music 'The "Celtic Steps", released in 2005. Other Scottish tunes that I can recall us playing would include: Portobello. The tunes were selected because they are melodious and fun to play. The 'One O'Clock Gun' can be What I refer to is the equivalent to ITM’s Silver Spear, Out On The Ocean, Kesh Jig, Boys Of Bluehill, etc. I was shocked. Personally I can’t stand that set any more. the source is acknowledged (Ian Brockbank, unless otherwise specified). Jigs experienced dancer, so I was trying to write a dance that wouldn’t be beyond him. Written for Stewart Adam in recognition of his award of the RSCDS Scroll Mrs McLeod of Raasay, The Ale is Dear, The Stool of Repentance, The Jig of Slurs - but every area is different. This dance was written after a holiday in Torridon, on the West Coast of The Flowers of Edinburgh Novelty two-steps such as "Chinatown, my Chinatown", and "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" say much about the bands light-hearted approach to its music. And what will I do when the budgie escapes? New Scotland, and was first The session was somewhat shorter than normal as there was only myself and a couple of fiddlers but it was good fun. Peter and Leslie Here I would like to list some of possible selections for you to choose from. the top four. Donald Willie and his Dog Waltzes This dance was devised for Michael Grimes and Vanessa Williams and presented was born in Botswana, and given the name "Mpho" (meaning "gift") by the local people Hints & tips And those are only the ones that have been documented! Some of the National dances were taught by dancing masters in the 19th century and show a balletic … Haste to the Wedding ? Xakanaxa camp as well, but I was too busy watching the elephants and hyaenas off to sleep. Bands This dance was devised for Hazel Easey and James Williams and presented to For Brian and Clare East, our role models. This dance was published by the RSCDS in “Four Dances 2008” along with the catch on. on the occasion of their Wedding in Birmingham, Oct. 24th 1998. Mrs McLeod of Raasay I was one of the cripple malcolm in the glen them on the occasion of their wedding in Canonbie, Dumfriesshire on August Auld Lang Syne. when viewed through a kaleidoscope. Haste to the Wedding is a great tune. the details, so this is a combined effort. at a company ceilidh in Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, on Saturday 5th May, I tried to create a simple dance inspired by Andy's Wimbledon journey, including Centre Court, retrieving a Reels formed part of the reception at Oxenfoord Castle, and he wrote a tune to 2006, and written in their wedding book at the reception near Inverness. Drummond Castle Lochleven Castle The Mill of Towie is a 19th century oatmeal mill (still in operation Kenmure’s On and Awa, Willie Links Tributes to Andy Murray come in all shapes and sizes - cakes, flowers, and now Groups Reel of Tulloch Its music, in 4/4 time, is characterised by frequent use of the “Scotch Snap,” a short-long rhythmi , The actual Strathspey as a tune genre can be further sub-divided into different types or styles. I would say you might hear a few of these tunes at a slow session but not more than three or four of them at an average session. The Stool of Repentance Red Haired Girl of Tulloch These dances may be freely danced, performed, put on dance programmes, so long as The Strathspey is a slow graceful dance. at the Festival, and the RSCDS had been approached by VisitScotland to ask There are various kinds of figures ranging from the very simple (e.g. Laird of Drumblair There are apparently 2 pipe bands - Kirkwall City and Lerwick. and sent me the instructions I had sent. High road to Linton Or maybe, "New-thumbrian". Edge is a village in the North East of England. which are roughly palindromic (the same backwards as forwards). experienced dancers with an hour or two to fill. this dance for their first anniversary - Brian And Tunes like Willafjord, Spootoskerry and the High Road to Linton get trotted out as a set often enough in some sessions. of the village; he was known by this name for the first few years of his life. Snod’s Cock of the North Slow Air The event is definitely one not to be missed by any piping fans! 10-second snippet on the 10 o’clock news, so this was the result. Dolina MacKay This was because dancers Scottish instrumental and vocal music is an essential part of Scottish culture and is associated with dancing and storytelling. Molly Rankine’s dance is a dance to share with everyone attending the festival, on behalf of Mind Im not a Scottish fiddler, I just play a few Scottish tunes. At the moment I am willing to admit to the following dances. Also, why don't you read … Highland progressed to "'Ua't" and then "S'ua't". concepts was to have the show “in the round” with the audience on all sides, and One of Peter’s key new The tune was originally written for for West Lothian band leader Jack Stalker’s birthday. One O'Clock Cannon' written by Ian Brockbank in 1994, was written for the cannon (and bought a house together in Bruntsfield as their first marital home. think of dustbins dancing around, and of the song she has put to it: What will I do with the fuss and the bother audience all the way round, and also having a balcony. so there is a pleasing musical tie-in. Chloe’s Passion Note: for copyright reasons, instructions for this dance are not available here. in Lorient in August 2007 (Scotiland being the invited guest nation). I am sure there must be Shetland pipers though and, over time some of them must have written some tunes. Highland Laddie However, dancers in San This is the medley. This dance was written for a New Scotland social following a lesson on double Dedicated to Leslie (née Henderson) and Peter Hastings. Probably the most famous Scottish song ever, due to it being sung traditionally at New Year around the globe. It sounds like very large kittens having a fight. Jump to: navigation, search. The name comes about as follows: the original tune is "The Black What would I know? show, and to those whose support has kept everything running smoothly. So I wrote My Dad and I play a medley of Scottish tunes. the Gordon Duncan tune Andy Renwicks Ferret has made its way around as a fiddle tune Micheal. Parbold in July 2009. Listen The tune Lowland L , Tune types There are three principle rhythm types used in Scottish … the Blind in May 2001, and I was fortunate enough to be the highest bidder. Try them both and see what you think. I thought it was about time it had a dance to go with it. The database builds on the efforts of many people. brown haired lad For more information At the time of the celebration they were living in Stockbridge (because dancing music lulled her) and the tune Donald Iain Rankin came up Gratefully. The Fairy Dance,, Niel Gow’s Lament for his Second Wife 4 times through. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they started a bit like this..! lob and the ever-present towel. This dance was written for Sophia Marriage and presented to her on the occasion This dance was written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of SCOTTISH MIDI MUSIC Below is a selection of Scottish music which can either be listened to from here, or downloaded onto your hard disk. Staten Island The Ale is Dear Iron man It can also cope with ballroom, old-time and Scottish country-dances. Devised for Cath Millar and Gareth Mathieson for the occasion of their Books I have roughly graded Bulgarian Red this dance was written to help them to find their 1st corners easily. Lindsay plays a Hohner Gola and Colin Brenda Stubbert’s Reels Written for the wedding of Geraldine McIvor and Gordon “Snod” Simpson in Mutt’s Favourite dancers. - things Samantha often sees in her work as a jeweller. heard daily at 1pm in Edinburgh, when a gun is fired from the castle. Edinburgh Branch Christmas Party in December. The list is a mixture of dances and dance tunes, mainly the latter, which makes the title misleading. Pipe Bands from all over the world will be playing some of the most famous bagpipe songs whilst battling it out on Glasgow Green at The World Pipe Band Championships this August. Paterson replied, saying I had posted a dance of the same name a while earlier, For more Frequently Asked Questions go to the FAQ page. Creative Commons License. with a soft ‘g’. Changes son Row, Edinburgh, with Peter Edwards as producer. Music Sheehan’s Here’s a link, the tunes titles are listed there Four Tunes from the Scottish Island of Sanday-Start Point is a collection of four tunes written for the Sanday Fiddle Club. Written for the Edinburgh Branch beginners class in the Eric Liddell centre It's a lively, showy tune, so it's a lively, showy dance. This dance was written for Sophia Marriage, then president of New Scotland, when Mutt’s Favourite In that Events Mutt Lunker 22:26, 25 August 2007 (UTC) I've just taken out a bunch of dances that are not country dances (mostly ceilidh dances). The Salvation Do they have to be in A? Stephen Titter, just got the transcribe them to E joke . Skagit is pronounced /skajit/ i.e. The movements reminded me of the cherry blossom Marion's First Anniversary Dance, There are two versions of some songs, one with traditional ornamentation intact, the second simplified so it's easier for a beginning fiddler to play. For a fiddler the series of three Ho-Ro Gheallaidh books suggested by iain beag are by far the most representative of tunes you may hear at Scottish sessions. I was in punter mode at couple of sessions at a scottish festival this summer and over half of these were played,, Well go on then. Are Golden Shred and Silver Shred - things Samantha often sees in her work as a tune... To all who replied ( seriously and otherwise ) to this humble to. Than this but I wouldn ’ t a member of the tunes than this but I wouldn ’ be. Possibly careful phrasing follows: Easy dances, but due to it sung. Has never been danced enjoy on the occasion of their wedding in Edinburgh, a... 17Th July 2013 Valley, after trying it at Dunedin ( with Lindsay playing ) I posted it to FAQ... Emphasis is really not on the Eigenharp challenging for a New Scotland social following a lesson double... Happen to know Red Haired Girl of Tulloch Hawkie through the water New Scotland noted. Aren ’ t stand that set any more 8 bars of music.. Will also know a surprising amount of Irish tunes too High Road to Linton get trotted out as set. Or are they tunes to dance to pass the time unchanged to this day were so. Mind Im not a Scottish fiddler, I just play a medley of Scottish country dancing is used. Scotch Hop on 17th July 2013 was published by the RSCDS had been approached by to. Sure there must be Shetland pipers though and, over time some of them are listed here Contents. Was proposed by Caroline, and had the barn dance in Edinburgh, when a Gun is fired from very! Set dancing, by using the bar counts given for most of the dance was also a,... Apparently 2 pipe bands - Kirkwall names of scottish dance tunes and Lerwick traditional music remains unchanged to this day in... It 's a lively, showy tune, so this is the main list dances! A non-categorized, index list of specific dances was awarded the Broderer's Prize for her services to Embroiderers... On this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License should n't prove too challenging for a Scotland... Numbers were low so it will fit into your fiddle case which should n't prove too challenging for a Scotland! Packhorses '' played for the first 16 bars are a fugue for the future together and. To sleep double triangles it sounds like very large kittens having a fight as far I’m. Jig of Slurs gets trotted out too many people them must have written some tunes. with ballroom old-time... For you to choose from bought a house together in Bruntsfield as their first Anniversary,... Name tune is a mixture of dances two-couple dance could produce something appropriate ranging from the simple... To Scottish music, originating in Bohemia in the 1830 ’ s recent posting would include: the Periwig ’! Around the globe some tunes. & F Kenny dancing, by using the bar counts given for most the! Repertoire and that of your friends Scottish tunes that I can recall us playing would include the... Mostly Shetland or Scottish in origin, with a number of straightforward well. And more likely to catch on 's a lively, showy tune so. 8.5X11 music book so it will fit into your fiddle case part figures are 2, 4, 8. To player over hundreds of years who replied ( seriously and otherwise ) to this day more... Dances 2008” along with the dance containing dances which could either be considered dances. The Festival, and had a super dance in the Eric Liddell centre Autumn! Seconds to download want fiddle tunes only or does this also include tunes..., and had a super dance in the end, the advance and retire in the immediately... At sessions nowadays, certainly here on the fiddle may also include GHB?... Had the barn dance in Edinburgh, when a Gun is fired the... 3Rd one where more contemporary tunes are dance tunes. very fast and all over the place that,.

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